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SOME exciting news about the Arizona State Tax Credit Program for Public Schools FOR 2019!

Starting in 2019, public schools may use tax credit dollars for a wide variety of school needs beyond extracurricular activities. Schools may use these funds for purchase of capital items such as furniture, instructional materials, playground equipment, shade structures, health care supplies or to provide support for school meal programs.  

The Arizona School Tax Credit program allows you to put your tax dollars directly into your community, and offset your state tax obligation dollar for dollar on your Arizona state tax return. Arizona taxpayers can annually claim up to $200 as individuals or $400 as married filing jointly. It's better than a tax deduction! This opportunity is available to any Arizona taxpayer and can be directed to any public school. Taxpayers are not required to have children in schools to take advantage of the program.  

At Desert Star Community School we will use these contributions for investment in equipment, materials and programs which enrich our students' education experience. In addition to class field trips, this year's tax credit contributions will go toward purchase of cafeteria tables for our multipurpose building, books and other instructional material, and possibly a playground structure. 

Donations can be made in three ways:

1. Click on "Giving" and "Tax Credit" and follow instructions for credit card or Paypal contributions. 

2.  Download our brochure and mail your contribution to: Desert Star Community School, 1240 S. Recycler Road, Cornville AZ 86325.

3.  Come to the School Office or call and make a contribution in person via check or credit card.

No matter which way you donate, Desert Star will provide you with a tax credit acknowledgement letter to file with your state taxes. Contributions for the 2019 tax year can be made through April 15, 2020. Donating early will best support activities and purchases for this school year. Help us spread the word to friends, relatives and others in the community.

The Desert Star Community School Number: 138714101

Click Here to get the 2018 Tax Credit Program Brochure and mail-in donation form.

Thank you so much for your support; because of you, a uniquely valuable and enriching education is now possible for all Verde Valley children!

Donate online now! See instructions below. Or send a check to the school using the brochure donation form here, or call 928-282-0171 to pay by phone with a credit or debit card.

To donate online:

- just click the yellow donate button on this page

- select PayPal, credit or debit card payment

- on the payment detail screen specify "tax credit" in the "instructions to seller" field

- you will receive an immediate acknowledgement of your donation via email and a subsequent letter from the school confirming tax credit donation