School Fees

Grades K-8 Desert Star Community School is Tuition FREE

A private Waldorf education has a minimum cost of $10,000 per year.  At Desert Star Community School we want to make the Waldorf curriculum available to all children.  Due to the many unique activities children participate in at our school we request all students in grades 1-8 make a Student Activity Donation. The donation for the 2018-2019 school year is $25 per month per student.  



The Arizona State Legislature passed a ruling in 2009 to only fund schools for a half day Kindergarten program. The State of Arizona has permitted charter and public schools to implement tuition plans to fund the continuation of full day Kindergarten programs. 

Desert Star will offer a free half day program with an option to participate in the extended day for the school year 2018-19. Our focus will be an educational program with an experienced Waldorf teacher and assistant. We have implemented a fee of $25 per week to take part in the extended day program.


Transportation Fees

Due by August 15th:

  • DISCOUNT Prepaid year - monthly pass (both ways) $288/year
  • DISCOUNT Prepaid year monthly pass (one way) $144/year

Recurring payment to be set up for the 1st of every month:  Non-payment will result in bus privilege suspension.

  • Monthly pass (both ways) $36
  • Monthly pass (one way)  $18

 If you have more than one child:  1st child full price, 2nd child ½ price, remaining children are free.