Governing Board Members

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Yvan Rochon, President
Yvan is founder and President of Herbal Vitality Inc., a Sedona based business devoted to the production and wholesale distribution of herbal medicinal products nation-wide.   He holds a PhD in Medicine from McGill University and has done extensive research and publishing in the medical field.  Yvan is the parent of a Desert Star School graduate and has served on the Board since the opening of the school in 2006 as Assistant Treasurer and Treasurer.  He is the current Charter holder for the School.

Jennifer Young, Secretary
Jennifer is a former Business Manager of Desert Star School and joined the Board in October 2011.  She is retired from a 25 year corporate management career, with background in operational and project management, financial and business analysis, strategy and planning.   She currently serves on several non-profit organization boards.  Jennifer holds graduate degrees from Syracuse University and Columbia University School of Business.

Jason Vargo, Vice President
Jason is parent of Desert Star student.  He is active in the arts and music communities of our area, with particular involvement in coordination of festivals and public performances.  Jason has worked as a manager at New Frontiers in Sedona for some eight years.  He is keen to bring interests and skills in organization dynamics, collaboration and business development to the work of Desert Star's Board.  Jason studied Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

Tomas Winn, Board Member
Tomas supported the development of Desert Star School’s charter application and has served on the Board since the founding of the school in 2006   He has held the Board Officer positions of Vice President and, most recently, President. Tomas is a certified therapist and counselor, specializing in music therapy.   He has prior experience as a builder and remodeling contractor and business owner.  Tomas holds degrees in therapy and counseling from Willamette University and Portland State University.