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Some Great News: Extended timeframe for Tax Credit Donations for your 2018 Tax Return!

Tax Credit donations made between January 1, 2019 and April 15, 2019 can be claimed as a credit on your 2018 OR 2019 state tax return!

Each year the Arizona School Tax Credit Program allows you to direct some or all of your state income tax payment to Desert Star Community School for extracurricular activities! This is a wonderful win/win program. For 2018, taxpayers may direct up to $200 per single taxpayer or $400 per married couple filing jointly to charter and public schools. This option is available to anyone who pays Arizona State Income Tax; parents, family and friends can all participate. Tax payers may contribute to both public and private schools in the same year. These funds are enormously helpful in providing support for extracurricular activities such as tutoring, enrichment programs, remedial work, field trips and guest speakers.

The Desert Star Community School Number: 138714101.

Click Here to get the 2018 Tax Credit Program Brochure and mail-in donation form.

Thank you so much for your support; because of you, a uniquely valuable and enriching education is now possible for all Verde Valley children!

You may donate by sending a check to the school using our mail-in donation form (see the brochure link below), or call 928-282-0171 to pay by phone with a credit or debit card.