Festivals are an key part of the Desert Star School experience

The Rose Ceremony

This ceremony in which each first grader is welcomed into the elementary school by receiving a rose from an eighth grader takes place on the first day of school. The ceremony is attended by grades 1-8 and is open to parents and the school community. Parents of first graders are strongly encouraged to attend.

The Festival of Light and Courage

This festival turns us toward Knight Michael, a helper of mankind. It is celebrated with an all school assembly where a play of St. George and the Dragon is performed by middle school students. The story symbolizes the inner strength needed to overcome the dragon. Grades 1-8 will attend and parents and community members are welcome.

The Lantern Walk

At dusk, the children will gather with their parents and classmates. They are then led in procession by their teachers, carrying lighted lanterns they have made in school. As they walk, the teachers lead everyone in songs about lighting the darkenss. The lanterns carried through the darkness symbolize the inner light we must hold throughout the long, dark winter. Socializing is discouraged in order to experience this quiet, reverent event more fully. The entire community is welcome.

The Thanksgiving Assembly

During this all school gathering, grades K-8 will share and celebrate the work they have been doing in their classrooms. This will include recitation, singing, recorder, violin playing, dancing, etc. The assembly is open to all school families and friends. 

The Spiral Walk

The Spiral Walk takes place in the evening and represents the transformation of darkness by the light brought by each child.

The May Faire

This all school celebration held at Windmill Park is open to the public. Parents and teachers work together to plan this unique and fun-filled event to celebrate the coming of spring.