The unique education offered by Desert Star Community School continues to be available to children in the Verde Valley because of the generosity of individuals and local businesses. This school  exists due to the grass roots efforts of those who value an education that addresses the needs of the whole child.

Desert Star relies heavily on your support to continue to serve our community. As an Arizona State Charter School, Desert Star is not eligible to receive state funds to acquire, build, maintain or remodel school facilities. Charter schools are also unable to participate in general school district bond issues or to access override funds.  The work and commitment of many dedicated individuals in our community has been essential in developing the site and facilities for our campus. We must depend on your continued financial generosity to thrive.

The good news is that despite the financial hurdles that all charter schools must endure, Desert Star is able to bring a highly valued Waldorf education to all, at no charge. As you may know, obtaining a Waldorf education in a private Waldorf school in this country costs at least $10,000 per year. To have access to this type of education tuition free is a rare opportunity that we are blessed to have here in Arizona. We hope that you are able to contribute via cash donations, in-kind donations or with your valuable time and expertise and keep this educational option alive for our children for now and in the future.

Three Simple Ways to Donate to Desert Star:

1. Donate directly to Desert Star. We are a non-profit 501 (c) 3 corporation, so your donations are tax-deductible. Click here to use your credit card and donate through PayPal.

2. Sign up with GoodSearch and GoodShopat and set Desert Star School as your designated charity. Then every time you use Goodseach to search the web or click through Goodshop to shop online, participating merchants donate to Desert Star.

3. Each year the Arizona School Tax Credit Program allows you to direct some or all of your state income tax payment to Desert Star Community School for extracurricular activities! This is a wonderful win/win program. For 2016, taxpayers may direct up to $200 per single taxpayer or $400 per married couple filing jointly to charter and public schools. This option is available to anyone who pays Arizona State Income Tax; parents, family and friends can all participate. Tax payers may contribute to both public and private schools in the same year. These funds are enormously helpful in providing support for extracurricular activities such as tutoring, enrichment programs, remedial work, field trips and guest speakers.

It’s simple! The money you donate to the school’s Tax Credit Program replaces dollar-for-dollar what you owe in state income taxes! You simply send in the receipt you will receive from the school along with your state tax return. The dollar amount donated may then be subtracted from the total amount owed in state income tax, thereby reducing your Arizona tax liability.

You don't have to have a child in the school, but you must have a tax liability for at least the amount of your donation to receive the maximum deduction. In other words, if you only owe $100, you can't get a $200 tax credit for the current year, but you may carry $100 forward to future year's taxes. If you don't owe Arizona taxes this year, but you feel you will in the next few years, you may carry forward your school tax credit for up to five consecutive taxable years! You can make your tax credit donation here. This form is also available in our office. Please call the office if you have any questions.

Thank you so much for your support; because of you, a uniquely valuable and enriching education is now possible for all Verde Valley children!