The Desert Star Admissions Process

To ensure that our specialized curriculum and program are suitable for each individual, we follow the process below:

  • Contact - Please contact our school at 928.282.0171 to schedule your school tour.
  • Parent Tour - Visit the school campus and meet with the Office Coordinator or Administrator.
  • Application - After your visit, you are invited to apply. Applications are available in the office.
  • Student Assessment - If your student is coming from a home school situation or you are concerned about their current grade placement  you will schedule a time for your child to take an assessment. The assessment is relaxed and informal and takes approximately 60- 90 minutes. Based on your child’s assessment, you will be notified of the grade placement.
  • Student Visit - Your child will attend his/ her prospective class for a minimum two-day visit. The class visit is designed to ensure that your child  has a sense of what it is like to attend Desert Star Community School and allows the teacher to meet with the parent(s) regarding the expectations for the student in the class and at our school.
  • Admissions Notification - A school representative will contact you to discuss the final grade placement and the enrollment date for your child to begin attending.  If the class is full, your child will be put on the waiting list and you will be notified if a space becomes available.

Please be aware In accordance with the Arizona State Statute a prospective Kindergarten student must be the age of 5 and a prospective 1st grader must be the age of 6 by September 1st of the school year.  


Required Forms for Admission

Arizona State Law require the following forms to be filled out by the parent/guardian prior to admittance:

  •  Registration and Parent Information Form.
  • A certified copy of the child’s birth certificate: Please bring the original and we will copy and certify it for our records.
  • Immunization records. It can be a ‘Certificate of Immunization’ signed by a licensed physician certifying that the child has received age-appropriate immunizations as required by Law, or a ‘Request of Exemption from Immunization’ form signed by a parent or guardian. Please bring the original and we will copy and certify for our records.
  •  ‘ESEA Eligibility Guidelines for Free and Reduced-Price Meals’
  • ‘Home Language Survey’
  •  An ‘Emergency Medical Information’ card. Please notify the office immediately upon change of address, daytime phone number, or emergency contact information.A ‘Transmittal for Release of Records’ from the child’s previous school.

All forms are available in the school office and will be furnished after the parent/guardian visits with the Office Coordinator and/or Administrator.