Integrates art, music and movement
into a classical academic education

Provides active and creative learning

Where education is considered a journey - not a race

Fosters healthy social development

Reinforces a child's connection with nature


The unique education offered by Desert Star Community School is now available to the children in the Verde Valley because of the generosity of individuals and local businesses. This school is exists due to the grass roots efforts of those who value an education that addresses the needs of the whole child.

Desert Star relies heavily on your support to continue to serve our community. As an Arizona state charter school, Desert Star is not eligible to receive state funds to acquire, build, maintain or remodel our facility. In the last two years, the work and commitment of many dedicated individuals in our community was essential in obtaining a site for the school. Charter schools are also at a disadvantage as opposed to district schools because they are not able to participate in general school district bond issues or to access override funds. There is also a lack of government funding available to charter schools for special education, business/financial services, administrative and custodial services, all of which is available to district schools. Charter schools must depend on your continued financial support to survive.

The good news is that despite the financial hurdles charter schools must endure, Desert Star is able to bring a highly valued Waldorf education to all, at no charge. As you may know, obtaining a Waldorf education in a private Waldorf school in this country costs at least $10,000 per year. To have access to this type of education for free is a rare opportunity that we are blessed to have here in Arizona. We hope that you are able to contribute via cash donations, in-kind donations or with your valuable time and expertise and keep this educational option alive for our children for now and in the future. The school is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 corporation, so your donations are tax-deductible.


We can now take donations safely and securely online with PayPal.

New! Capital Campaign Fundraising Program Packets are now available, REQUEST DONATION PACKET or call to have one mailed to you and others you feel may be interested in contributing. We are grateful for your financial assistance, and look forward to a bright future as Desert Star!