Integrates art, music and movement
into a classical academic education

Provides active and creative learning

Where education is considered a journey - not a race

Fosters healthy social development

Reinforces a child's connection with nature



The Arizona State Legislature passed in 2009 a ruling to only fund schools for a half day Kindergarten program.  The State of Arizona has permitted charter and public schools to implement tuition plans to fund the continuation of full day kindergarten programs. 

Desert Star will offer a full day program for the school year 2013-14.  Our focus will be an educational program with an experienced Waldorf teacher and assistants.  We have implemented tuition to offset some of the loss of State funding.  The tuition for the entire school year is $1200 and various payment options are available.

If this is a financial challenge that is unattainable for your family, there is financial assistance available.  A limited number of scholarships will be available to qualifying students.

Grades 1-8 Desert Star Community School is FREE

All students at DSCS are requested to make a Student Activity Donation.  The donation for the 2013-2014 school year is $250 per student.  This donation is to support curriculum activities that benefit all students.