Integrates art, music and movement
into a classical academic education

Provides active and creative learning

Where education is considered a journey - not a race

Fosters healthy social development

Reinforces a child's connection with nature


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7/8th Grade Teacher

Linden was born in Oregon and spent his youth in Los Angeles.  At age thirteen he and his family moved to Connecticut and he would remain an East Coaster until his recent move to Arizona.
After graduating from college, where he earned a BA in Earth Science, Linden's interest turned to acting, gardening and Waldorf Education.  He and his wife, Donna, then moved to London, England where he did a four year training in Artistic Speech and where the first two of their three children were born.  Returning to the U.S. Linden taught in the high school at Kimberton Waldorf School for eleven years and then became a Class Teacher for another nineteen years.

Linden is excited to be in the west again and looking forward to contributing to Desert Star.

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