Integrates art, music and movement
into a classical academic education

Provides active and creative learning

Where education is considered a journey - not a race

Fosters healthy social development

Reinforces a child's connection with nature

Senses Alive! Workshop

9am to Noon


A three-part workshop series for those who want

to develop a more enlivened relationship to nature

by practicing Goethean Observation -


Session #1 Focus: Plant Study – form motifs in

plants: This session is designed to enable

participants with no previous artistic training to

develop the critical eye/hand relationship that

awakens a deeper perception of forces and beings in

the natural world. The focus is the practice of

sketching skills that strengthen the ability to

perceive the sense world at much more subtle


Event Date: 
Saturday, February 22, 2014 - 09:00
Event Category: 
Main Campus