Integrates art, music and movement
into a classical academic education

Provides active and creative learning

Where education is considered a journey - not a race

Fosters healthy social development

Reinforces a child's connection with nature


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6th Grade Teacher

Joseph Giulietti has enjoyed teaching school for 12 years in Connecticut, Hungary, the Netherlands, China, and Ireland.  He has also visited over 20 other countries.  Mr. Giulietti is a big fan of the arts: visual, dramatic, music, and the martial arts. He has brought play and art activities to orphanages in Romania and Hungary.  Joseph is a certified elementary grades teacher. He has a B.A. and a M.A. from Connecticut College. As a teacher, Joseph strives to motivate students to honor and care for themselves, other people, nature, and our planet as a whole.  He lives here in Cornville with his amazing wife and children.

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