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Parent Council and Volunteer Opportunities

GreetingsDesertStar families! We hope your summer has been enjoyable.  As the start of our 2013-2014 school year approaches, we would like to invite all families to consider in which area you would like to offer volunteer services. All schools need and depend on volunteer efforts, and encourage families to participate because your volunteerism will also positively affect your child's academic success. There are many areas that need your help.

1) The Desert Star campus and Kindergarten campus both need people who enjoy gardening to help get the summer's weeds under control. This is a service that needs to be done before school starts. There are also the different class gardens that need to be replanted with flowers, herbs, or other plants as they are weeded. It is our hope that the children come back to their gardens and are delightedly surprised with how lush and weed-free everything looks! The community garden has been under the supervision of gardening volunteer Laurie Mather this summer and is doing well.

2) Parent Council is composed of the Parent Council Chairperson, Parent Representatives from each classroom and all interested parents within our school community.  The group also includes at least one faculty liaison; they meet at pick-up time (3:15) on the second Tuesday of the month at the main campus.

The objectives of Parent Council are to help the teachers of each classroom with a variety of needs including classroom support and festivals. At each meeting, the Chairperson(s) facilitate a discussion of priorities brought by the reps or others. It's a fun and rewarding way to volunteer and get to know other parents in our school community.

If you desire to become a Parent Representative please contact your class teacher.  If you want to be considered for Parent Council Chairperson you must complete the nomination form in the office and a ballot will be sent out to families in August for election.  These are only two areas where volunteerism is needed and there are many other opportunities to use your talents.

Laurie Mather will be coordinating both gardening and weeding volunteer parties and also the information for Parent Council. You may contact Laurie by calling 928 592 7218 or emailing her at


Thank you in advance for your interest and support.